Urea Measurement with Inline Dqdt Dq-Urea-I

dQdt – Mobile consumption measurement systems

Environmental pollution has had a significant impact on the world. Years ago, manufacturers would produce cars that delivered bigger and better performance, paying little regard to the pollutants given off by the vehicles.

However, as atmospheric studies have revealed a rise in pollutants in the air, governments and legislative bodies across the globe have clamped down on vehicle emissions to help reduce it.

Europe today, has to meet Euro6 emissions standards on the official tests.

The permissible level of pollutants that new cars can emit has been reduced significantly in the past couple of years.

Car makers have found two ways of meeting these standards: Selective catalytic reduction and exhaust gas recirculation.

The first measure uses an exhaust fluid, commonly AdBlue , to break NOx in exhaust gases down into harmless elements before it's expelled from the car.

To help car manufacturers to face this new test scenarios where they need to calculate by the drop how much Adblue a particular engine really uses during real life testing Dqdt has created the Dq-Urea-I a compact measuring system that is suitable for stationary or mobile use and is used by vehicle manufacturers in research and development to study in road trip simulation or test benches real AdBlue consumption.

    DQDT Dq-UREA-I Application Examples

    • Quality inspection
    • Exhaust emission measurement
    • AdBlue range detection
    • Development tool for complete vehicles, engines and drive trains
    • Component testing
    • ECU optimization
    • Bench tests and Road Tests


    The pressure drop-free measurement princile of the dQ-sensors requires no pressure conditioning for sensor.

    As a result, it can be easily integrated into the vehicle's own fuel system using the original hoses.
    The measurement system is highly dynamic and also stands out due to its constant readiness for measurement.

    Measuring ranges:

    flow ranges :        dQ-ad-12:  0.02... 12 liter/h

                                 dQ-ad-5:     0.01 ... 5 liter/h

    operating pressure:                0.05 ... 10 bar

    operating temperature SOU:  -10 ... 100 C

    The AdBlue Tank

    dQdt software

    dQdt drop measurement system


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