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OPTIMEAS Dataloggers


The OptiMEAS products were designed as online diagnostic systems for locomotives or entire traings.

In the case of locomotives, the monitoring of diesel engines and the diagnosis of torques and speed curves are an important task in order to identify damage at an early stage. Complete trains can be maintained with predictive maintenance diagnostic systems.


Maintenance using teleservice can save costs and time when it is important to ensure high availability. If a malfunction occurs in a machine equipped with a teleservice system, the service technician can remotely diagnose, carry out repairs or instruct the drivers on site accordingly.


Only what the customer releases is observed. The control of a machine can only be accessed if the key switch in the control cabinet is operated. The customer has his data and the functions connected to the teleservice in had.In addition to the basic software, there is an app tailored to the specific application.

SMARTMINI Application Examples

  • Mobile machines, stationary facilities, self-sufficient deployment
  • Condition monitoring, remote diagnostics and teleservice
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Switch and steering tasks
  • Gathering of usage data, smart services
  • Optimisation of business, service, production, and development


We help you to integrate the right M2M and IoT infrastructure into your processes.The optiCLOUD dashboard serves as a modern IoT platform and is designed as an optimal addition to our smart monitoring device smarMINI. It forms an interactive control panel that combines data acquisition, storage, processing, visualization and remote device control.

History and real-time data streams can be conveniently monitored via mobile phone, tablet or PC and provide a well-founded insight into the operating status of individual components.  

Train monitoring

Vehicle monitoring

Tracking a vehicle position


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