FNM Marine Engines Testing and Combustion Optimization - FNM selects DEWESOFT for their Hybrid Engine R&D


FNM Mission & Vision

FNM Development and Production Technical Center is located in Atella , Basilicata region. 

With their innovative equipments in their plant they are able to assembly and marinize more that 1000 engines per year.

They supply reliable and high quality marine engines that respect emissions and consumption economy standards maintaining excellent performance.

To develop their all new Hybrid engine FNM has used Dewesoft measurement equipment. The Dewesoft Combustion Engine Analyzer solution and CANbus communication bring the flexibility and connectivity needed.


FNM Hybrid systems has a powerful permanent magnet synchronous motor and a compact stacked lithium battery, making easier the switch from normal sailing to hybrid one.

To test all this complex scenarios of their BHS BLUE HYBRID SYSTEM and integration of so different power sources FNM Marine Engines has spent days of testing with the help of Dewesoft Acquisition systems, with which is been able to collect data of all king, electrical like voltage and current, engine combustion, CANbus, Torque, temperatures , video, etc.

The ECU that is the heart of the engine is been developed in house. All Systems are controlled by CMD ECU . This control unit , uses CANbus technology to communicate with all components. 

Testing new ignition maps , clutch slippering between Combustion engine and Electrical engine , and merging different power sources  are been only a few of the challenges that FNM team had to deal with.

Dewesoft X software  helped FNM R&D team to cut development time , and same money.


With the  DEWEsoft SIRIUS XHS and Dewesoft Combustion Engine Analyzer solution - a combination of Dewesoft X data acquisition software with a plugin and a SIRIUS data acquisition device - such as the all new SIRIUS XHS capable of 15Ms/s data collection and visualization is jut a matter of minutes.

  • Flexible ANALOG/DIGITAL Inputs: Sensor supply for any sensor - Charge, IEPE , Voltage , Strain , Torque, Temperature,....
  • Direct RPM Sensor Connection : Tha DAQ system allows the direct connection of any standard RPM Sensor . 60-2 , Encoder, CANbus
  • High-Speed : 15Ms/s
  • Expandable : The system can be easily expanded to hundreds of analog, counter and CAN channels, at any time, without any additional software license costs.
  • TEST-BED and INCA INTEGRATION: The system can send combustion analysis results to the testbed via AK-Protocol or to ETAS INCA and similar systems via CAN.


The Dewesoft hardware/software solution provides a helpful tool for the Marine Engine Company FNM to adapt and optimize the motor parameters over the operational range 

Hybrid motors

Custom software for all your testing needs.Dewesoft Dashboard for Combustion Analysis

Dewesoft SIRIUS XHS for all your electrical and combustion data acquisition.


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