Dewesoft Krypton - Engine Bay Temperature Monitoring



Car testing is getting more and more difficult , with many and many sensors installed under the car, inside the car and even under the hood.

Technicians struggle all the time with installation difficulties as space is always tight especially under the hood.  

Look at this amazingly neat and clean installation  of one of our customer during the developing and testing of a new vehicle.

The engineers installed 8x8ch-Krypton for a whopping DEWESoft 64 channels thermocouple application.

DEWESOFT KRYPTON Application Examples

  • DISTRIBUTED DAQ: KRYPTON DAQ modules were designed for distributed measurements to bring data acquisition closer to sensors. This introduces many advantages as opposed to traditional DAQ systems. KRYPTON allows distributing DAQ modules down to a single input channel.
  • EtherCAT DAQ: EtherCAT protocol with 100Mb bus speed is used for data transmission, data synchronization, and power supply. KRYPTON units are connected with a single cable for data, power, and synchronization.
  • UP TO 100m BETWEEN UNITS: KRYPTON units can be distributed over the large area with the distances up to 100 meters between DAQ nodes.
  • RUGGED IP67: All KRYPTON modules are rugged with the IP67 degree of protection and ready for testing in extreme weather and harsh environments.
  • 1, 3, 4, 8 and 16 CHANNEL UNITS: KRYPTON DAQ modules are available in various configurations spanning from tiny single-channel units up to bigger 16-channel units. Instruments can be distributed down to the single channel.
  • UP TO 20 kHz/CH SAMPLING RATE: Multi-channel KRYPTON DAQ modules can achieve a sampling rate of up to 20 kS/second and KRYPTON ONE single channel up to 40 kS/second.
  • UNIVERSAL ANALOG INPUTS: Universal analog inputs are available that can accept voltage and full/half/quarter bridge signals natively as well as IEPE, charge, thermocouples, RTD, current, resistance and LVDT signals with the use of DSI adapters.


Our core philosophy is one software for all applications! Dewesoft X is the result of this philosophy. We have been implementing countless features for Automotive, Power analysis, NVH, Aerospace, Industrial, Civil engineering applications, as well as features for general test and measurement. From data recording, analysis, reporting and everything in between are covered within a single software solution.

This will introduce many improvements to your daily test and measurement work. Learn less, do more, and most importantly, do it faster. Option to expand to new applications without investing in new hardware will save you time and money...  

Dewesoft Krypton STG with sensors

Small Form Factor

Rugged Connectors


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