Data Acquisition 

Dewesoft – Acquisition Systems

The Dewesoft hardware and software is the perfect companion for all your automotive data acquisition needs.

Complete solutions for Signal Processing ,Thermo Cameras , Color Fast Camera (up to 600frames/s) , Inertial Platforms  with all data sources perfectly Synchronized.

  • Dual Core 2x24 bit analog signal processing.
  • Single or Dual Antenna Inertial platforms.
  • Perfectly synchronized acquisition of all data sources (analog, counter, CAN, GPS, Video, PCM telemetry, Thermo Camera, Intertial platforms ,etc..)
  • Powerful online/offline data processing software, MATH, filters, statistics, reference curve, etc…
  • Easy to setup and customize displays for data visualization
  • Triggers and alarms
  • Analog, digital or CAN output. Powerful function generator.
  • Built-in sequencer for automating test procedures and workflows

  • Extensive ready to use Dewesoft plugins for: 
  • Brake Tests
  • Pass By Noise
  • Sound Analysis
  • Combustion Analysis
  • FFT Analysis
  • Torsional Vibration
  • Balancing
  • Order Tracking

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