Automotive Testing Software

Software the key to success


Dewesoft X software includes ready to use modules - FFT analyzer, order tracking, torsional and rotational vibrations, structural analysis, which make data analysis much faster and easier.
It also provides possibility to measure all the parameters needed to analyze power, combustion, mechanical and other aspects of vehicle, which is key while developing and testing new hybrid and electrical technologies.


HRB is the new Handling Ride Braking test system developed by Leane. Dewesoft software runs behind a user interface designed for the test track, which supports the driver through the execution of standard or customized test protocols.


  • Frequency sweep
  • Slowly increasing steer
  • Step Steer & Release
  • On Center Sine
  • Power-off in a turn
  • Braking in a turn
  • Lane change
  • Sine with dwell
  • Custom client maneuvers
  • .......and more to come


The upcoming DEWESoft Vehicle Dynamics plugin is fully supported by VTS, as the result of a partnership between DEWESoft and LEANE.

The new plugin features a list of standard test maneuvers, and for each of them nominal test parameters and validation conditions may be checked.

Channels, filters, sensor location and coordinate frames are managed as well, to provide output channels conditioned properly for data analysis.

Session Vehicle data file and folders

A Main archive folder holds all the test sessions.

Each session folder holds the vehicle data file and the sensors data file. Test data files are stored in subfolders, according to the test type.

When the user picks a folder in the list on the left side of the screen, he get a preview of the vehicle data or other data in the tabbed windows on the right.

The vehicle and sensors data of the selected test session are then used later for the calculations and reporting tasks.

Groups for TEST Maneuvers

Test Maneuvers are organized in groups, in the blue buttons: Handling, Brake, Custom Tests 

When the user selects a test group, the available test buttons are shown.

When the user selects a test, a pre-defined Dewesoft setup is loaded and the test maneuver display is showed with the following controls.

  • Start/Stop storing
  • Test Setup 
  • Execution condition ( nominal test parameters)
  • Analysis and save (enabled after stop storing)

Quick look display and execution check

The "Quick look" panel is shown after the stop storing and a fast analysis of the data performed in Dewesoft VD plugin and / or in the HRB app.

It is intended to provide relevant information about the last stored data file.
at a glance:

  • Execution quality check: pass/fail of each validation condition, with green/red flag
  • Relevant test parameters, according to the type of test (e.g. max lateral acceleration or stopping distance)

Multiple Test Runs - STAtistics

VTS can perform calculations over aggregate data from multiple tests run.

  • Statistics on some key parameters, to assess the desired spread and evaluate if additional tests run are required.
  • Overlay results or time history from multiple tests run.
  • Display fitting curves and parameters to check the progress of a sequence of tests run.

Test report capability

The Analysis control, is available also offline, allowing the user to perform additional data processing, based on pre-defined routines.

VTS can perform calculations over aggregate data from multiple test runs and generate test summary TXT files and detailed test report based on MS-Excel spreadsheet templates.

A report template XLSX file may be defined for each type of test. Then the template is polulated automatically by VTS with the test results and stored in the corresponding session folder

Modular Architecture

VTS is based on a modular architecture

  • The core application. 

       Provides the basic interface and functionalities needed to manage the        session data, interaction with Dewesoft, general settings and                    management of the test configuration parameters

  • A number of DLL Modules, one for each test.

        The container detects the DLL modules automatically and makes           them accessible from the user interface. 


WORKFLOW: Test Track

Step 1: select a session

A Session folder holds the vehicle data files and the sensors file.

The user get a preview of the vehicle data when he picks a folder in the list on the left.

After confirmation, the vehicle and sensors data are loaded to be used later for the required calculations.

WORKFLOW: Test Track

Step 2: select a test type...

Test maneuvers are organized in groups, in the blue buttons: Handling,Brake, Custom tests.

When the user selects a test group, the available tests are shown in the green buttons group.

...Set test parameters...

...Start Storing...

WORKFLOW: Test Track

Step 3: on stop storing...

HRB retrieves the data from Dewesoft and shows a "quick look" panel with the main test results.

The test driver can immediately check:

  • The compliance of the last test run with the validation requirements.
  • The spread of the main test parameters on all the test runs.

 ... and decide to keep or discard the data file.