Driving robots

Steering robots, when robots rule the road

AB Dynamics – Driving Robots 

Anthony Best Dynamic Ltd driving robots, worldwide leader for ADAS test Systems according to EuroNCAP standards (for AEB , ACC, FCW, LDW, Blind Spot , etc), as well as suitable for durability tests , accurate brake tests, repeatable vehicle high dynamics tests.

AB Dynamics driving robots range:

  • Steering robots: from 10Nm to 60Nm torque
  • CBAR – Combined Brake and Acceleratorrobot
  • Clutch robot
  • Brake robot
  • Accelerator robot 
  • Gearshift robots
  • GPS Sync Soft Pedestrian for ADASTest
  • GPS Sync Soft Crash Target for ADAS

AB Dynamics applications:

  • Kinematics and compliance testing
  • Vehicle dynamics testing on the track
  • Development of vehicle safety systems
  • Vehicle Dynamics / Driver in Loop Simulation
  • Driver assistance system (ADAS) testing
  • Autonomous/ Driverless vehicle testing
  • Steering system testing and characterisation
  • Noise/vibration (NVH) testing of powertrain assemblies


More than 100 invited guests , politicians ,business men and scientists gathered in the laboratory halls of the Adrive Living Lab of Kempten University for the roll-out of the new advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator (AB Dynamics aVDS).

The aVDS simulator, based on a motion platform from Williams Advanced Engineering, was developed by AB Dynamics to provide extremely high dynamics and immersivity. 

It is able to reproduce either the vehicle behaviour on a race track or typical normal driving scenarios on public roads, very realistically.

Thanks to aVDS, the Adrive LivingLab can expand its research activity focused on the future of mobility, with a human-centric approach in the development of autonomous driving functions for tomorrow's vehicle.

Enjoy the video of the test carried out during the presentation by the official AUDI SPORT ABT Formula E Team driver, Mr. Daniel Abt.

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The next generation software and hardware solution for monitoring, commanding and coordinating proving ground vehicle testing. GTC is a comprehensive package for all vehicle traffic at a proving ground including: Robot-controlled vehicles, ADAS platforms, human driven vehicles and fixed proving ground infrastructure.

AB Dynamics SPMM

The Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine (SPMM) from Anthony Best Dynamics Ltd is a Kinematics and Compliance (K&C) test machine that is driven entirely by electro-mechanical actuators.

It is used to accurately establish the kinematic characteristics of a vehicles suspension and steering system geometries, and the compliance characteristics of the suspension springs, anti-roll bars, elastomeric bushes and component deformations. Knowledge of these characteristics is an essential aid for suspension engineers wishing to establish a thorough understanding of the vehicles performance in terms of ride, impact isolation, steering and handling.

AB Dynamics AVDS (Advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator)

The aVDS is a collaboration to deliver a 'Best in Class' compact vehicle driving simulator:

  • AB Dynamics: Proven ability to design, build, install and support large complex machines.
  • Williams Advance Engineering: Provider of innovative Motion Platform that delivers class leading high frequency response with low latency. Existing simulator expertise and Driver-in-the-Loop experience
  • rFpro : Provider of class leading immersive graphics and low latency audio

For more details visit www.abdynamics.com